Image: TTS Granite, Care, Maintenance, marble, quartz, cambria, granite, repairsCongratulations on your decision to choose the most durable, natural and long lasting countertop material available today. Your granite countertops will provide you with many years of use with little or no aging in the look and feel of the countertops. As with any natural product, there are some simple steps to take, which will enhance and lengthen the life of your tops, as well as common sense approach to understanding its limitations.

As a natural product, granite will vary in color from slab to slab and in some instances will vary in the same piece. This provides character and uniqueness to each individual top and assures you a one of a kind kitchen.

Granite seams are a necessary aspect of a granite kitchen, which will be visible and can be up to 1/8" wide. We use a seaming material which holds the two pieces together to provide a secure fit and good adhesion. We mix colors into the adhesive to get a relatively close match with the color of granite.

The most important facet of understanding your granite countertops is that it is a porous material. Any natural stone has this characteristic, and must be understood to ensure the beauty of the stone. Porous simply means it can be penetrated by water, oils, grease and chemicals. TTS Granite uses a nontoxic sealer to resist all types of stains. It is important to clean all spills and keep unwrapped foods from being on the tops for extended periods of time as the oils and minerals can eventually work through the sealer and can stain your top. Under normal conditions this is never a problem. An example of a potential problem would be to leave for vacation with a grease spot on the granite surface.

Scratches on the countertops are always a concern for homeowners and under normal use granite resists scratches better than any other surface on the market. Obviously if someone intended to scratch the surface it can be done, but with normal cutting and food preparation, your granite tops will last a lifetime.

The best aspect of granite is the resistance it has to heat. You have the freedom to take hot dishes out of the oven and place them directly on the granite without fear of damaging your countertops. No other countertop material can make that claim, so enjoy the value of your solid granite countertops.

Care Guide

Your new countertops have been treated with a penetrating sealer, which protects the stone from staining. It bonds to the stone and acts as a repellent to prevent absorption, yet it lets the stone breathe and release moisture. It protects against both water and oil based products. Our sealer provides long lasting protection and comes with a 15 year warranty.

Regular Maintenance

Clean stone surfaces with a neutral cleaner, soap, or a mild liquid dishwashing detergent. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, using a soft cloth. Do not clean the surface with products containing lemon, vinegar, acids or abrasives. We recommend Blue Dawn Dish Detergent or Sparkle.

To Remove Stains And Spills

Use a paper towel to blot up stains as quickly as possible. Avoid wiping up a spill, because it will cause a stain to spread. Use a soft cloth to dry the area completely. If stain does not come up, please contact our service department.  Please note that there might be a service charge applied.