Image: TTS Granite, Edge Profiles, Steger, Mokena, quartz, granite, marble, cambriaThe edging of your countertops, sinks and more is just as important as the type of material that you choose to add brilliance to your room's look. TTS Granite are edging craftsman.

TTS Granite means state-of-the-art fabrication.  We have invested over four million dollars to provide the highest level of fabrication available.

  • Water Jet Machine Saw – This saw projects water at 60,000 psi. to cut with an accuracy of up to a 1/10000".  Imagine a granite backsplash with an intricate flower design inset in a contrasting granite color.  Our water jet machine saw makes it possible.  Your imagination is the only limit to what this machine can do.
  • CNC Machine for routing and polishing.  If we don't have the edge detail you want, we will get it.  Unlike hand routing, our CNC provides extremely consistent edge detailing on either radius or inside radius corners.
  • CNC Bridge Saw – true and accurate laser bridge saws ensure your seams come together perfectly.

At TTS Granite, we pride ourselves in providing the best cuts and edge profiles for all your granite, marble and quartz needs. Whether you want a traditional cut or some international flavor, we will provide it at TTS Granite.