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When you are searching for the stone for your kitchen countertops, bathroom or outdoor patio, once you find the perfect material and color, do not forget finish.  Today stones come in many finishes: polished, honed or matte, leathered.

Polished – A polished stone is the most shiny and reflective surface. This finish will highlight the character of your stone best.

Honed or Matte Finish - A more subdued, smooth surface without any reflection.

Leathered Finish- A leathered finish has the feel of textured leather and is not shiny. This finish masks fingerprints and streaks better than a polished finish. This would be great for the outdoors or a high traffic area.

What is the right finish? It really all depends on your taste and your room’s overall design. Let’s take a kitchen as an example. For some, they want their countertops to pop and have a sleek finish. That high gloss polished finish in a room like this may be just the right touch to complete a beautiful room.

However, maybe your taste is more subtle, and the rest of your room (paint, wallpaper, lighting) is more clandestine. If that’s the case, having a honed or leathered  finish still showcases the quality and care you have for your kitchen, without offsetting a mood you’ve already created.

If you aren’t sure which finish is best for your project, don’t get hung up on it. Just ask us! At TTS Granite, we are the experts at home beautification. We will work with you to help you make the right decision to enhance whatever room you are looking to beautify